How OAuth2 works?

Explaining in simple terms, the "magic" behind the mystery of OAuth.

OAuth2 is a protocol for granting limited access to a user’s online resources (e.g., Facebook account) to third-party applications (e.g., a quiz app).

Here’s how it works:

  1. The user wants to use the third-party app and initiates the process by clicking a “Sign in with [platform]” button.
  2. The third-party app sends a request to the platform (e.g., Facebook) to access the user’s data.
  3. The platform asks the user for permission to share their data with the third-party app.
  4. If the user grants permission, the platform generates an access token and sends it to the third-party app.
  5. The third-party app can then use the access token to access the user’s data without needing the user’s login credentials.

This process allows the user to grant permission to a third-party app without sharing their login credentials, providing greater security and control over their data.

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